The Problem

I had the opportunity to kick start some visual concepts for the team at Planto when they were first starting. Below is some of the work I help produce as part of the brand visualisation in their early stages. Throughout this project, I provided UX/UI consultation as well as executing early stage mock up work to help visualize planto's goals.

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The team at Planto (pronounced plan•to), had solid experience in finance, breaking into this industry from scratch meant building a sense trust amongst their audience.

I had proposed to consider using a wordmark as a part of their brand and to be open to using a more traditional but friendly appealing font for their wordmark. The idea was to convey a sense of establishment, but not feel corporate; kind of like a trustworthy aunt or uncle.

The final planto wordmark proposed
Rough sketches of the Planto logo
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With the logo set aside, the team wanted to start exploring the means to which they could capture interest with their customer base.The plan was to create a basic homepage that would introduce what Planto was and serve as a temperature check to ensure that they had the right message to validate their idea in the event that pivoting was a possibility.

Proposed Planto desktop homepage design
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Looking beyond the homepage, the team also wanted to start exploring how their actual product offering would appear and we began looking at a sort of robo-advisor kind of widget that would start to illustrate the goal oriented approach Planto was hoping to communicate.

Click on the following link to take a look at an early stage prototype of the widget we worked on together: Planto widget

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Since sharing these concepts, Planto has successfully launched their product offering.

Having worked towards their early stage, it was fascinating to learn of how quickly the team iterated and optimised towards a clearer path; both for themselves as a primary differentiator and for the benefit of their user base.

You can learn more about them here

Jonathan Li
Visual story teller