My Fidelity

The Problem

To create a series of conceptual interfaces to be used as an internal portal for expert investors and sales. The aim was to reinvigorate interest with stakeholders the possibilities of what the current My Fidelity could become in terms of user experience and benefit it could have to colleagues.

My Fidelity today full screen design
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We needed to accomplish the following two things:

  1. To reinvigorate stakeholder interest in the existing platform
  2. To show stakeholders that with a little finesse & attention to the experience and design; the portal could reach its potential and be useful to both professional investors and sales.

By taking stock of the type of content being served and rearranging the order to better suit the needs of the users, the portal immediately becomes a lot more relevant and useful.

For the professional investor, we placed the sales contact nestled at the top for find-ability and to help convey a sense of presence to cater to their needs.

5 years into the future mock up on tablet - dashboard
5 years into the future mock up on tablet - chat interface
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Knowing that no two people are the same; we wanted to give investors the ability to customise content that they found relevant to them.

The current implementation of the portal has no options to customise the layout of the content, so by proposing a click/tap and drag function we hope this would empower the user to reorganise their preferred content and help drive engagement with the platform. Our aim was to make this an indispensable tool that a sales would want to refer to daily as as part of their communication workflow.

Service at your fingers tips

A core tenet at Fidelity that carries through our corporate values, through to our individual goal setting; the customer is an inseparable aspect to the solutions we provide and perform.

One of the ways we wanted to ensure that the customer was placed first was of course making the portal easier to use, but another part of that was through providing a method that would enable the customer to directly reach the associated sales support for their account.

In the past, our solutions were to provide an accessible phone number and an email. But as our clients get more technically savvy and knowledge seeking is virtually an on-demand service, I proposed to incorporate a chat interface that would allow the investor to speak with their sales support via a chat.

The chat would indicate the status of the sales i.e. whether they were online or offline, but it would also allow the investor to leave a message directly with the sales any time of the day through the chat interface.

Overlaid chat interface
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By showing what could be accomplished today, five years from now, and 10 years later, we looked to understand the fundamental purpose behind My Fidelity and worked towards reinvigorating interest and belief towards what the tool could do. In doing so, we created our proposed solutions based off of existing technologies and frameworks that would be possible to do today, but just as importantly achievable tomorrow.

10 years into the future, My Fidelity as an augmented reality interface
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As projects iterate towards an improved future, the focus always is around the person using it. Forgetting that fundamental fact would essentially turn any strong visual design into a strong piece of visual art.

While there's a place for beautiful visual art, it is through an informed and thought out design process that helps enable people access the information they need with ease & delight.

Jonathan Li
Visual story teller