Fidelity Together


A regional marketing campaign that was part of a multi-year brand strategy to build and maintain awareness with a cohesive message to bring our customers across a journey that embodied Fidelity's investing philosophy.

Investing for this moment

Being part of an overall campaign strategy, the landing site was created using familiar design components that leveraged design from existing corporate & prior campaign elements to present a consistent and familiar layout.

Doing so was key for two-reasons. This particular campaign was the last phase of the overall campaign, so it was important in our view to present visually and functionally a page that had kept parts of the brand story that was built up from the previous 2 campaigns.

But most of all it was to maintain the ease of navigation towards our corporate site that would help drive and encourage our customers to engage with our products & services further. This was a key metric for our team and the local marketing team as a measure of performance for learnings.

The Hong Kong version of the campaign landing page.

Responsiveness of pages are paramount, as analytics has informed us that just a little under 50% of our visitors come in through mobile browsers.

Experiences meant for you and I

As a regional campaign in Asia, it meant that our audience was wide and varied, so a lot of consideration was made towards the types of content that was presented as well as the language requirements of each market.

Our analytics indicated that while we're all speaking to the same types of customers, their behaviours in accessing our content was quite different. As an example; Hong Kong customers would see a fairly even split between mobile and desktop, but in Taiwan, the behaviour leaned towards more mobile experiences.

This informed us the necessity to not only ensure that responsive behaviours were consistent, but it meant that mobile experiences needed to be equally as good as our desktop experience.

Closing thoughts

Continually guided by past experiences and analytical data, touchpoints such as marketing campaigns are vital for creating positive experiences for customers.

Equally said, such opportunities provide a fertile playground to push the envelope of visual design and the exploration of design patterns that improve the experiences of people.

Take a look at the live site and visit and choose a location nearest you.

Jonathan Li
Visual story teller