I think it was a few years ago already when I first came across these amazing animated GIF’s. I’m not sure why it hasn’t gained more traction but frankly I think these things are absolutely beautiful, its surreal quality is so intriguing to me. It’s like this beautiful balance of capturing a moment in time forever, not simply as a still image but a perpetually moving one. None of these images are made by me, and I’ve found them over at Cinemagraph, where you’ll find lots more of these amazing animated stills!
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Branding & User Experience Design

So recently I’ve taken up a course at General Assembly for a crash course in UX. It’s opened my eyes up to a lot of the possibilities to blend both branding and UX as a powerful tool at creating fantastic products and providing more insight for a client to better understand their problem space. While I understand this type of methodology works well with products that are either digital in nature or products that have more a less a permanence after they’re purchased, the idea of UX being applied to products within FMCG industry eludes me. Or is it a best case scenario when it comes to FMCG products?   The key function of the UX process is the iterative process that allows the product to quickly be tested and improved upon, and this works fairly comfortably I find with digital-type products and objects of permanence e.g. an electric toothbrush, as I mentioned above. But how does one apply UX and it’s understanding to a piece of packaging? Despite a lack of longer term interaction with the product packaging, the interaction is extremely short and extremely important. What I’ve found, up until this point, is that any company that operates […]
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